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We are Development Through Media (DTM), one of the first development oriented media organisations to set up in Kenya. DTM arose in 1997 as a local idea in response to challenges faced by independent media practitioners. We proudly target the promotion of development information and to fill the gap left by mainstream media in which issues crucial to disadvantaged and vulnerable members of society are often not considered worthy of coverage.

Content Development

DTM endeavours to create a new generation of media practitioners well-trained in the rights based approach to developing relevant content from the perspectives of those directly affected by the targeted issues.

Democracy and Governance

Through a strong partnership with civil society working in these thematic areas, DTM has for more than 12 years implemented media programmes for boosting the capacities of communities to take actions that create positive changes for individuals and communities.

Gender Equity And Equality

DTM’s media and gender-based civil society partnership is intended to develop innovative media strategies for addressing gender inequalities and inequities that continue to challenge the intended impacts of development interventions.

Partnerships And Networking

At inception, DTM realised that networking and partnerships would form the core of its way of working and hence it set out to ensure continued diversification of its partners in order to pool expertise and resources for the purposes of achieving mutually beneficial goals.


Developing Media Strategies
Strengthening civil society advocacy
Skills development for media practitioners
Media programme and production management


Development Through Media (DTM) is a not-for-profit organisation established that has been in operation since 1997. The organization is among the first development oriented independent initiatives to specifically work towards policy reforms, capacity building, awareness raising and attitude change through the Media, in general, and audio-visual media in particular. DTM works mainly in Kenya and also undertakes assignments within the region and at the international level. The creation of DTM was inspired by the context in Kenya where development issues continue to be underreported. While the media in Kenya and the region have achieved momentous gains, their main focus limits their ability to explore development issues in a manner that can bring about positive change.



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Open Dialogue

Through social media and other strategies, we extend public discussions on issues raised through our media programmes and actions of our collaborative partners.

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Raising Profiles

A cross-section of the Kenyan society such as women, children and youth continue to be marginalised as often, their actions and experiences are given media blackouts.

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Media Research

Our research aim is to inform the sound development of media programmes. We undertake field data analysis to enhance the quality of media programmes and content.

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Media Efficiency

Despite recent attempts to close the democratic space in Kenya and East Africa including the media space, the media infrastructural development is a run away success.

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Civil Society Strengthening

CSOs interventions provide crucial linkages between the citizens and the development agenda of any country. Their role in enhancing transparency and promoting accountable and just governance is particularly crucial for enabling citizens to become more knowledgeable about their rights and responsibilities.

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