I Celebrate Her

Our “I Celebrate Her” campaign is designed as an annual event to provide a chance for the public to appreciate the positive impact of women’s contribution to the development of society.

Our inaugural campaign this year is dedicated to the celebration of the impact of women in leadership. Here is a chance for MEN ONLY, to tell us why we should join you in celebrating that great woman leader in your life. She may be your elected leader, your mother, your sister, your wife or your daughter

So go ahead and tell us her name, who she is and why you would like the public to join you in celebrating her work. Join our Facebook page to keep up to date with the campaign as it progresses. There will be public voting for the most compelling submissions on the positive impacts of women in leadership.

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  • Millie Odhiambo-Mabona for her outstanding leadership qualities as a legislator steadfastly representing the interests of women, children and the marginalised in society.

    • Thanks Alberto, for an awesome submission. We have shared your comments with Hon. Millie. Please share campaign message widely amongst friends and colleagues and let’s grab this rare opportunity to let the world know that men DO recognize the importance of women’s leadership.

  • “I count Golda Meir where I do Hanan Ashrawi. The trouser is a liar”. It is why I celebrate with you.

    • Thanks for this submission, indeed Golda Meir and Hanan Ashrwai befit the celebration. Our inaugural campaign for this year is however dedicated to the celebration of current women leaders in Kenya. Kindly allow us to help you celebrate any one of them by simply naming them here and the reason you believe they deserve to be celebrated.

  • Mary Emase needs to be celebrated. As a first
    Time Mp.she was ranked top 4 out of all members. That ils big.

    • Quite on point there Chrinus! Please try and let her know so that she can rally more people to celebrate her to improve her chances when we open up the campaign to public voting later on.

  • There is a Kenyan woman leader, Phyllis Omido who successfully fought the Mombasa pollutant Lead poisoning battery plant!

    She just didn’t lounge on herself. Courage.

  • This is a great and novel idea DTM. Njeri KABEBERI stand out for me. Her fight for rights since the 1990s has led to the liberty, equality, democracy, social justice for so many. She has encouraged so many leaders and movements in Kenya and this has enabled Kenya to achieve great steps towards reforms and good governance.

    • Thank you for your submission Cyprian Nyamwamu and for giving Njeri Kabeberi a chance to be celebrated at the planned award ceremony later this year.

  • I celebrate Margaret Kenyatta for her efforts to improve the livelihoods of Kenyans through innovative ways such as the beyond zero campaign.

  • I would like to celebrate Consolata Migowa Minister for water and Environment Homa bay county for her generosity and tireless efforts to better the lives of people through mentoring, educating and imparting practical lifeskills.

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