Radio Baraza

Radio Baraza is the online radio platform created by DTM. The Radio Baraza Online platform aims to support Access to Information and Freedom of Expression strategies targeting citizens’ and programme targets’ information needs on diverse issues including politics, socioeconomic, democracy, Human Rights, etc., in the context of devolution. Listeners will be treated to a variety of programme genres such as in-depth documentaries, radio discussion forums and CSO deliberations highlighting key development themes and concepts.

Through this strategy DTM especially aims to develop mutually beneficial collaborative partnerships with thematic-based Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and other establishments for the purposes of strengthening their roles and actions in ensuring the creation of a well-informed and knowledgeable society that is inclusive and just.

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Radio Documentaries
In-depth and analytical documentaries on a variety of issues.



A lot of work by CSOs, other development actors and think tanks involve the use of workshops and meetings, where intense deliberations are carried out for the purposes of improving the delivery of programmes. Often though, reach out through such meetings is limited only to those able to attend them. Deliberations is therefor designed as a programme of Radio Baraza dedicated to improving outreach by making these important deliberations accessible to wider programme targets and the public at large through radio broadcast. In this way, development initiatives will become more accessible, and hence inspire effective involvement of their targets and other citizens for improved programme delivery.

Deliberations – Siaya County

Deliberations – With The Press



 African Women in Technology and Design (AWiTaD)

The African Women in Technology and Design (AWiTaD) Podcast features women
of African descent who have built (or are well on their way to building) successful
businesses in tech and design. The AWiTaD Podcast, therefore, aims to provide a
platform for these women to share their stories and the journeys they have taken to
get them where they are today.

The purpose of the AWiTaD Podcast is simple: to share positive information that will encourage every listener, and, hopefully, inspire each one of them to dare imagine the possibilities that are out there. They will be motivated to think: “If she can weather the storm, so can I!” Each AWiTaD Podcast will, in addition, provide actionable tips as well as leads to the resources they can tap into to achieve their own dreams.

Join us every week, and get inspired as we celebrate and showcase the amazing achievements by the African women making a go at it, in the field of tech and design.




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