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Radio Baraza is the online radio platform of DTM. The platform aims to support Access to Information and Freedom of Expression strategies targeting citizens’ information needs on diverse issues including socioeconomic, democracy, human rights, in the context of devolution. Listeners will be treated to a variety of programme genres such as in-depth documentaries and talk shows that highlight key development themes and concepts. Through this strategy, DTM will also make deliberate efforts to work collaboratively with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and other establishments for the purposes of strengthening the role and actions of civil society in the realisation of their socioeconomic and democratic development.

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Radio Documentaries
In-depth and analytical documentaries on a variety of issues.

A lot of the work of CSOs, development actors and other think tanks involve the use of workshops and meetings, where intense deliberations are carried out for the purposes of improving the delivery of programmes to the wider public. Deliberations is therefore designed as a programme of DTM’s Radio Baraza project dedicated to broadcasting these processes so that they become more accessible to the general public, and hence inspire their effective involvement in the developed programmes for their own good and the good of the country as a whole.

THE BARAZA is the development blog page created by DTM. Its main objective is to ensure that the work of development oriented organisations is well known by, and benefit a wide section of the targeted constituencies at the national and grassroots levels. There is a lot happening in the development sector which this media strategy now targets for sustained promotion.

This page will also publish media content developed by the teams from DTM’s capacity development programmes in the area of media and other contributions from local and international correspondents.

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