Civil Society Strengthening

The work of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) provides crucial linkages between the citizens and the development agenda. Their role in enhancing transparency and promoting accountable and just governance is particularly crucial for enabling citizens to become more knowledgeable about their rights and responsibilities. From DTM’s experience, CSOs at the national and grassroots levels face challenges in ensuring that their actions are known by and benefit wide sections of their target constituents. This is on account that tangible means through which CSOs would ensure vast awareness by the constituents through the media are rare.

In this service, our aim is to strengthen the role of CSOs in the overall development process. Our approaches include developing joint programme with sector-based local and international CSOs in various programmes where media strategies are adopted as crosscutting themes in all thematic-based programmes. In this way, our media mandates in these partnerships are designed to contribute to the improvement of CSO advocacy and engagement with constituents at the grassroots, national and international levels.

Our mandate also includes partnering with other PR and branding professionals and establishments to design and implement communication and branding strategies for the overall development sector to enable them to effectively appeal to local and international audiences through showcasing their relevance, successes and challenges.   In this way, the perception of development practitioners and their agenda amongst citizens and government will be improved.


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