We are Development Through Media (DTM), one of the first development oriented media organisations to set up in Kenya. DTM arose in 1997 as a local idea in response to challenges faced by independent media practitioners. We proudly target the promotion of development information and to fill the gap left by mainstream media in which issues crucial to disadvantaged and vulnerable members of society are often not considered worthy of coverage.


DTM is among the first development oriented independent initiatives to specifically work towards policy reforms, capacity building, awareness raising and attitude change through the Media in general and audio-visual media in particular. DTM works mainly in Kenya and also undertakes assignments within the East Africa region and at the international level.

The creation of DTM was inspired by the context in Kenya where development issues continue to be underreported. While the media in Kenya and the region have achieved momentous gains, their main focus limits their ability to explore development issues in a manner that can bring about positive change. As a result, a cross-section of society including women, children and youth remain marginalisation as their actions and experiences rarely attract headline news or sustain an in-depth media engagement in a manner that can bring about positive change.

Recognising that media plays a powerful role in building the capacities of constituencies, DTM deliberately targets development information in ways that educate and entertain. It does this through developing mutually beneficial collaborative approaches that bring together Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and other establishments for the purposes of strengthening the role and actions of the civil society to achieve positive development.

Our Vision
DTM envisions informed and inspired media that effectively play their roles in championing for excellence in democratic governance, human rights, the rule of law, resource management, etc., for the realisation of a just and equitable society

Our Mission
DTM’s mission is to be a leader in research-based approaches to creating development information through innovative and professional media practices in general and audiovisual media in particular that highlight the concerns of all groups, especially the marginalised, and thus strengthen their involvement in shaping their destiny.

THE BARAZA is the development blog page created by DTM. Its main objective is to ensure that the work of development oriented organisations is well known by, and benefit a wide section of the targeted constituencies at the national and grassroots levels. There is a lot happening in the development sector which this media strategy now targets for sustained promotion.

This page will also publish media content developed by the teams from DTM’s capacity development programmes in the area of media and other contributions from local and international correspondents.

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