We are Development Through Media (DTM), among the first development oriented media organisations to set up in Kenya. DTM arose in 1997 as a local idea in response to challenges faced by independent media practitioners.

We proudly target the promotion of development information in an effort to fill the gaps left by mainstream media where issues that are crucial to disadvantaged and vulnerable members of society are often not considered worthy of coverage. This has resulted in the exclusion of a cross-section of society where women, children and youth for example, remain marginalised as their actions and experiences rarely attract headline news or sustained in-depth media engagement in a manner that can bring about positive change.

Thus DTM specifically works towards policy reforms, capacity building, awareness raising and attitude change through the Media in general and audio-visual media in particular.

DTM works mainly in Kenya and also undertakes assignments within the East Africa region and at the international level.


Our Vision

DTM envisions a well-informed and knowledgeable society that is inclusive and just

Our Mission

DTM’s mission is committed to developing expertise among Media, Communication, PR, film and Arts professionals and establishments in designing and implementing strategies for addressing information needs of development programmes covering diverse areas, so as to facilitating citizens’ effective participation in their aspirations


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