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We are putting together a team of print, radio and TV journalists to be involved in the production of news and in-depth features for our multi-media platform currently being developed jointly with our local and international partners.

This call is open to three categories of Journalists as described below:

You fit our match if you are a participant in our on-going capacity building initiative and are currently developing media content for this website and those of our local and International partners.

You fit our match if you are a recent graduate of any Kenyan media university, mid-level institution or any training initiative, you are based in one of the Kenya’s 47 counties and are interested in highlighting county-based issues along such themes as gender, health, democracy and governance, environment and climate change, socioeconomic, youth, children, etc.

You fit our match if you are interested in developing media content on other issues such as art and culture, sports, entertainment, ICT/technology, design, society and politics among others.

If you fit in the first category, you have a chance to participate in our forthcoming series of in-depth and specialisation training sessions. Register below for targeted updates.

If you fit in the second and third categories, you are eligible for inclusion in our forth-coming capacity building, in-depth and specialisation training initiatives. If you successfully complete these sessions, you will make our approved list of media practitioners and have a chance to be a regular contributor to our online platform being developed and other outlets run by our local and international partners.

For all registrations, write to us and let us know your field(s) of interest/specialisation, attach your CV and one writing sample of not more than 300 words. Simply follow the instructions in the form below.

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