Organisational Development

In this service, we support actions for developing our own capacity as a development-oriented media entity in developing Media, communication and PR strategies, effective use of media, art and culture and ICT including web development and social media designs and management. We also venture to initiate and manage private-public partnerships for the development of county-based media entities to improve communication opportunities. We also venture to support the improvement internal and external communication systems for our collaborating CSO partners.

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THE BARAZA is the development blog page created by DTM. Its main objective is to ensure that the work of development oriented organisations is well known by, and benefit a wide section of the targeted constituencies at the national and grassroots levels. There is a lot happening in the development sector which this media strategy now targets for sustained promotion.

This page will also publish media content developed by the teams from DTM’s capacity development programmes in the area of media and other contributions from local and international correspondents.

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