Partnership and Networking

At inception, DTM realized that networking and partnerships would form the core of its way of working. To this end, DTM continues to increase and diversify its partnership arrangements for the purposes of pooling expertise and resources to achieve mutually beneficial goals. This approach further inspired the idea for media and civil society collaboration in Kenya to not only strengthen the role of civil society in the development agenda but also improve the role of the media in reporting on gender, a key DTM focus at the time.

Overall, DTM’s partnership and networking approach entails building strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals that that contribute to improved quality of media content.

Given the crosscutting nature of media programmes as strategies for communicating development, the last decade has seen this approach expand to incorporate other programmes where we especially collaborate with Civil Society Organizations (CSOS) implementing in various thematic areas.

We also partner with other media practitioners and media-based organizations and institutions from Kenya and around the world to develop media programmes and platforms that promote development issues and enhance the voices of the citizens to engage more effectively amongst themselves and with their leaders.

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