African Women in Tech and Design (AWiTad)


Podcast Title: African Women in Tech and Design (AWiTad)

Category: Podcast Series/Main Series Promo 4

Theme: Tech and Design

Ziki guides us into Africa’s journey in tech and design as told through stories never before heard. African Women in Tech and Design Podcast spreads out a narrative about Africa’s women, each curving out a stake in the conjoined IT Technology and Design fields through innovation, entrepreneurship and ventures.

Listen to Episode One here:

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In the Beginning, somewhere in 2016, there was Ziki with an idea for a radio programme to showcase Africa’s Art and Design journey. It took a long time for Development Through Media (DTM) to buy into the idea. Then in late 2017, our producer had a chance meeting with Eve and the ensuing discussions with both Ziki and Eve led to the inclusion of IT aspects into the Podcast. With Ziki and Eve agreeing to donate their time to hosting the 12 episodes in the inaugural season, the idea for the Podcast was finally concluded.

The African Women in Technology and Design (AWiTaD) Podcast in essence aims to eature women of African descent who have built, or are well on their way to building successful businesses in IT and Design. The Podcast provides a platform for these women to share their stories and the journeys they have taken to get them where they are today. It also explores their thoughts as they share their plans on future endeavours as business owners and/or influencers in the field of Tech and Design. Read more


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