Voices of Reason

Theme:      Politics

Duration:   7’56”


About this Video

In less than 8 minutes, this video takes you on a tour of Kenya’s political journey, from independence in 1963 to the launch of the People’s Dialogue Festival in March 2019. Development Through Media (DTM) produced this video in partnership with Centre for Multiparty Democracy (CMD-Kenya). It served as the curtain raiser at the inaugural “People’s Dialogue Festival (PDF)” organised by CMD on 7-9 March 2019. It raises issues in being discussed o public space in Kenya today, especially around the implementation of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010.


About the Partners


CMD-Kenya is a political parties-based membership organization with a mandate to enhance multiparty democracy and strengthen the institutional capacity of political parties in Kenya.

For more information about CMD-Kenya, please log on here: https://cmd-kenya.org/


About the Production Company


DTM is among the first non-profit and development oriented audio-visual media organisation to set up in Kenya. DTM arose in 1997 as a local idea in response to challenges that have continued to stand in the way of developing independent and all-inclusive audio-visual media and broadcasting models/institutions for advocacy work in Kenya and East Africa.

For more info about DTM, log on here: http://www.dtmafrica.com

Music Credits

  1. Rites Of Passage – African Voices N Chant Nguru (2006) (Reserved: Global Journey)

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