The Development Through Media (DTM) team was from the 23-24 August 2016, at a training held at the Silver Springs hotel. The meeting was organised by OXFAM Nairobi. The forum brought together ward representatives from around Nairobi county and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs).

The meeting aimed to strengthen and deepen the ward representatives knowledge and understanding on public participation, oversight and monitoring of the budget process at the ward level thereby promoting transparency and accountability. This will involve monitoring the county budget process to ensure adherence to the laid down budget making procedures as stipulated in the constitution of Kenya (Cok) 2010.

Oxfam is an international Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) which aims to eradicate poverty and inequality. Oxfam works with communities in the dry and remote northern regions, and the slum areas in Nairobi.

Stephen Muthima from Kenya School of Government was one of the presenters who highlighted key issues in the legal framework for engendering public participation, planning and budgeting. For instance, he mentioned that to translate gender perspectives in to valuable input to the budget a systematic three step chain is required which includes identification of gaps, systematic issues causing gaps and finally proposed solutions.

As a way forward it was pointed out that the ward representatives need to continuously engage themselves with policy documents related to their work. Additionaly, the ward representatives were encouraged to be more assertive and proactive as they carry out their duties.

DTM will continue to support OXFAM in its endeavour to alleviate poverty and inequality in Kenya.
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