The Development Through Media (DTM) team was recently at the launch of the publication titled “New constitution, Same Old Challenges: Reflections on Kenya’s 2013 general elections”. The publication focuses on the 2013 general elections and draws lessons that could inform future election cycles. Professor Yash Pal Ghai, a scholar in constitutional law, launched the book. The meeting was held on 2 December 2015 at Lillian Towers as part of Society for International Development (SID) CSO capacity building, knowledge gathering, sharing and building networks.


SID used the book to capture lessons learnt from Kenya’s 2013 General Elections and interrogate the actors and factors that impacted the 2013 elections. A section of the book contained an in-depth analysis of the institutional reforms that were driven by the promulgation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010, and thereby raising expectations that the 2013 general election would be more peaceful and credible than the 2007 general elections. The book can be found in the following link


SID is a global network of individuals and institutions concerned with participative, pluralistic and sustainable development. The organisation plays a crucial role in promoting dialogue between different people, interest groups and constituencies, both locally and internationally. Its thematic areas are environment, women in development, the concept of human development, SID has served and continues to serve as a hub for innovative development concepts.


DTM will continue to support SID in its endeavour to inform and engage the public on key development issues such as environment and gender as well as bringing to focus challenges faced in the 2013 General Elections and explore what needs to be done differently in future to ensure fair and credible elections.
For more information please visit www.sidint.net

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