Leader of the Year

There are many things, and people, in Kenya that work well, yes, even many of our elected leaders, those who continue to keep their promises to us by contributing to the making of policies and laws for the sole purpose of improving the quality of our lives. This is our chance to let them know that we are happy that they are doing what we elected them to do.

In this inaugural year of our “leader of the year” campaign, we provide an opportunity for all Kenyans and friends of Kenya, each one of us, to nominate the leader in the current parliament who we believe to be the best performing policymaker at the national and county levels. Leave a comment below telling us the name of the leader you are proposing, their leadership position and the policy related reason why we should believe you.

Share this information in the form of a short article and an image representing the positive impact of the actions of the policymaker. Like our Facebook page and receive regular updates on the campaign. There will be public voting for the most compelling submissions.

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